The wonderpave pavement can be constructed as a one-layer or a
two-layer structure according to the needs.
Main components of the pavement are:

• Styrene-butadiene rubber (SBR rubber) crumb fraction 4 – 6 mm
from old recycled tires.

• Ethylene-propylene-diene monomer (M-class EPDM rubber)
granules fraction 3 – 5 mm, used for the top layer, multicolor options.

• Crashed stone aggregate, usually fraction 4 – 6 mm, but sometimes
bigger fraction is prefered when only stone aggregate is used as for
decoration (granite, marble or some other stone aggregate).

• Special PU binder resistant to UV degradation.

• Different additives to the PU binder like catalyst, defoamers, etc.

• Special luminous additive (as an option) to make the pavement glow
at night by absorbing the light energy at daytime.

Crumb rubber is recycled rubber produced from automotive and
truck scrap tires. During the recycling process, steel and tire cord
(fluff) are removed, leaving tire rubber with a granular consistency.
Old tires are a hugh problem worldwide and using this product in
pavement represents a truely innovative and green ”technology”.

The wonderpave pavement latest test as a one-layer or a
two-layer structure according to the needs.

Latest test displayed in picture:

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